Fast Growing Evergreen Spacing forPrivacy Hedge

 Backyard Privacy 04172024

It is not possible to accomplish backyard privacy without trees. The branches and the leaves of the trees shield sight and sounds from surrounding properties into the backyard. Therefore, the most effective way to create privacy for a backyard is to plant the trees along the property boundary.

 Green Giant Arborvitae and Murray Cypress are exceptionally good fit to create privacy for a backyard. Although they grow fast and therefore want to grow large, there are some simple ways to manage their height and size:


  • Shearing at a young age will get the trees much tucker growing and also slowing their overall height growth
  • Pruning the trees or simply just clipping out the main stem will stunt the height growth of the trees
  • Planting the trees close enough so they will compete with each other for water sun and nutrition


All trees and plants grow faster at a young age and slow down their growth as they age. All trees will grow until they die. Trees which grow fast will want to grow big. Ultimately fast growing trees will need to be managed to remain at desired size. It may include shearing at a young age which is most likely done at the nursery before planting the tree. Also, planting the trees 5-8’ apart will also slow down the growth of the trees. However, clipping out the main stem may still be desirable when the tree reaches the desired height.


5-6’ Cypress surrounding a backyard for privacy, Lexington KY, 2024

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