Fast Growing Evergreen Spacing forPrivacy Hedge

Better To Plant A Few Big Green Giant Thujas Or Many Small Ones for Privacy?

No two properties or owners are the same. Every case is different from another and not one standard solution fits all.

However, it is important to think ahead when it comes to planting trees. Privacy is in high demand from buyers. Limited accessibility reduces the potential for conflict and affords full enjoyment of the property to the owner. We often hear it from our customers, “ I like my neighbor, but I don’t necessarily want to engage in small talk just because we are both sitting on our back porch on a Sunday morning’.

Large trees seem to do best for property owners who just want to eliminate sight from a few delicate directions. In those cases a handful of large Green Giant Thujas or Murray Cypress can eliminate the line of sight.

Large number of smaller privacy evergreens work well where there is no immediate need for privacy, but simply an effort to increase the property’s appeal in the future. Often the desire is driven by a forecast of what the surrounding properties may look like in a few years. Small Green Giant Thujas planted in a row can yield meaningful privacy in 3-4 years and be a great return on investment.

The most common phrase we hear from our customers is, “I wish I would have done this years ago’.

While we sell and plant many large and even more small trees, by far the most in demand are the 5-6’ and 7-8’ Green Giant Thujas, Murray Cypress and Eastern White Pines.


 Better To Plant A Few Big Green Giant Thujas Or Many Small Ones for Privacy?


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