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Deer Resistant Arborvitae Thuja Green Giant & American Pillar and Murray Cypress

Green Giant and American Pillar Arborvitae Thuja and Murray Cypress are all deer resistant. The deer will not bother them.

The Thuja variety the deer will eat are the now less favored Emerald Green Thuja. This old fashioned variety is still requested by land owners, although less and less nurseries carry them. Although the deer still prefer to find other sources of food, but in years of extreme cold and long Winter they may end up on the menu.

 Most hardware stores will sell deer repellants and they would work fine. Home made options include breaking up Irish Spring Soap into large pieces and throwing it around the tree. This should be limited to a few pieces as soap is very alkaline and Thujas prefer acidic soil. Another option is to spray some mix of hot pepper, dishwashing soap and raw eggs on the plants.


The now less favored Emerald Green Thuja, Lexington KY

The now less favored Emerald Green Thuja, Lexington KY

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