Fast Growing Evergreen Spacing forPrivacy Hedge

Do Privacy Trees Save Lives?

In other words, ‘Does not becoming a target saves lives’? The common answer is an obvious, ‘Yes’! Apart from celebrities who make money from publicity, most well off people manage their lives and properties with minimal visibility.

Providing lesser visibility onto your property via evergreens such as the Green Giant Arborvitae, White Pines or Cypress can make the difference between being identified or not as a potential victim by criminals.

A green wall covering visibility onto your property may hide open doors or windows. Makes it much harder to stake out the home as ‘low hanging fruit’. It may also conceal any property or person for which a criminal may be willing to die or kill for.

A brief online survey will identify what many of us may believe: “Social and economic instability and heightened inequalities ( generated by the COVID-19 pandemic) best explain the recent increases in homicides.” In short, people who have no ‘stuff’ will kill others for it.

 Theoretically there is a justice system in place to recover damages from criminals. Unfortunately, that is not possible when criminals have no property or earning capacity or the damages go beyond loss of property.

 Do Privacy Trees Save Lives?


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