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Eastern Red Cedar


Like many family businesses in America, we also benefit from the talent and hard work of our adult kids.

They assure that we stay on trend and relevant with larger new trends. One such trend is the support for native plants. Native plants are important as they give us an insight into the condition which favors the proliferation of plants in a region.

While we did carry Eastern Red Cedar in the past, we never cloned and grew them ourselves. That changed now as we did our first batch of Eastern Red Cedar clones today.

We hope they will root similar to other conifers and grow well in the condition we provide in our nursery.

What is remarkable about the Eastern Red Cedar that grows native even in the most inhospitable conditions without anybody planting it or caring for them. They will grow in the rockiest areas where they face just about no competition from other trees.

Therefore, they are likely to grow well in places without access to watering which is a common problem in some rural properties where utilities are not yet connected.



Eastern Red Cedar on the side of 75 near Dry Ridge, KY


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