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How Long Will It Take For 5-6' Privacy Trees to Grow Together When Planted In a Row?

If trees are planted 5 feet apart, the trees will be grown together when they reach a 5 feet diameter.

If they receive daily watering in the growing season and fertilizer several times a year, most Arborvitae and Cypress should grow around 3-4’ a year. Apart from inorganic fertilizers such as 10-10-10, they also respond well to organic compost.

First year the total height may come to 2-3’ as the first 3 months are spent establishing roots.

The second year height should come to around 5-6’ and about 2’ width.

By year four the trees should be reaching near 5’ width, especially if they had been sheared in late Winter.


The difference by variety:

  •  American Pillar Arborvitae will be tall, but skinny, and should be planted 4’ apart to lock together by year 4.
  • Green Giant Arborvitae should lock together at age 4 when planted 5 feet apart.
  • Leyland Cypress and Murray Cypress will start locking together at 3 years of age.

 16’ Green Giant Arborvitae Thujas waiting to be planted

 16’ Green Giant Arborvitae Thujas waiting to be planted

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