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How to Kill Thuja, Arborvitae, Cedar, Cypress Trees?

We thrive to keep plants alive. But we have plenty of experience of seeing trees die, especially in new subdivisions and construction sites.  If a tree must go, removal by chainsaw is the only recommended way. We do not recommend these methods, however for those who want to kill a tree without a chainsaw, the following options exist:

 Change soil PH:

  • Bars of soaps or baking soda to make soil more alkaline, acidic soil loving Thuja and Cypress will not tolerate this
  • Sulfuric (Battery) Acid will make the soil acidic

 Trees are ill equipped to respond to rapidly changing soil PH. Changing soil PH will kill the trees slowly with the appearance of sickness.

 Another way is to spread salt or even just an excessive amount of fertilizer which will dry out the tree based on the principle of reverse osmosis. This may best be done by digging a hole near the base of the tree and filling it up with salt or fertilizer and water after. Fertilizer may be the more desirable method.

It is important to consider that while dead trees will be lighter weight than alive trees, their removal may be more complicated as they behave in unpredictable ways when cut with a chainsaw. Dead trees present a clear danger to people and property nearby

Using chainsaws by competent professionals is the only safe way to remove trees.

Mature but sickly looking Redbud tree is struggling to adjust to changing soil PH


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