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Is It Safe to Plant Green Giant Arborvitae and Murray Cypress Privacy Trees in the Summer?


If you ever cloned plants, you know that successful take requires cold, dark, high humidity areas for most plants.

 If you ever planted trees, you also know that time is of the essence as it does take about 6 months for trees to establish, after which period to put on their seasonally typical growth. Trees appreciate with time as they put on more growth they do become more valuable.

So while the ideal time to plant is the early Spring or late Fall, when the nights are long and temperatures are low & natural precipitation and humidity are the highest, you may find yourself in the need to plant trees in the Summer.

 Summer planting requires a good catering schedule without a miss. Preferably with a dripline and a timer. Also, we would recommend potted trees as their roots are disturbed the least in the transplant process and for the most part there is little difference if they are sitting on a nursery lot or in your backyard.


A row of Cypress planted a year ago in June, on track to put on 4 feet of new growth this year


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