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Millions of American Gardeners: Unspoken Benefits of Marijuana Illegality

I do not advocate for or against the use of Marijuana as I lack the wisdom to make such judgment. But I do believe keeping it sort of illegal, but minimal penalties has produced remarkable & unforeseen benefits.

The behavior of marijuana plants under LED lights serves as a good baseline when gardeners talk to each other. This can only be true because Millions of Americans have experimented with growing weed in artificial home labs in their basements or sheds. Such undertaking leads to understanding of root growth, PH & salt tolerance, watering routines, impact of various growth mediums & hydroponics, the impact of light and scheduling, asexual reproduction and growth hormones, foliar feeding, etc. These are all fairly advanced topics of gardening which are not exposed in backyard vegetable gardens.

Understanding biology, the limits which we can bend but never break is going to be critical in the coming decades. The planet is getting warmer and volatility is rapidly increasing. Millions of American gardeners are ready to answer the challenge whatever the future beholds! The best is yet to come even if Kentucky may be  on the coast! 😀 😀😀


Millions of American Gardeners: Unspoken Benefits of Marijuana Illegality


White Oaks under LED lights



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