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Moat v Tree Line of Green Giant Arborvitae: Privacy and Security Concerns

If you traveled in Europe and visited old castles, you probably noticed the moats built out around the castles. Their purpose was not to stop a determined enemy, but to slow them down and expose them as they approached the defenders who had the high ground and therefore superior position.

Something similar can be accomplished with a double row of Green Giant Arborvitae planted around the property. Similarly, it will not stop the enemy, but it will surely slow them down.

Whoever wants to enter will stop at the fence as it is a physical barrier. They will do the same at the first row of Arborvitae as nobody will cross a line fast where they can’t see the other side. They will surely cross if determined enough, but slowly.

They will slow down even further when they see another row of arborvitae a few hundred yards as it is unpredictable if anyone is there and how well they are prepared to defend.

Most likely bad guys, thieves, etc. are not thinking this through, they just look at the property and recognize the risk immediately: entering unknown spaces with limited visibility with people of unknown capability. Chances are they will just look for lower hanging fruit.

Of course, in the USA we generally do not need to worry about security and police will respond to calls within minutes in normal circumstances

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