Fast Growing Evergreen Spacing forPrivacy Hedge

Part 2: Green Privacy Solution Florida v Green Giants of Midwest

Most garden or biology enthusiasts know from experience that biodiversity increases when warmer climate and high humidity are present. There are many more ornamental plant choices available for Florida privacy seekers than we have in the Midwest.

 The Winter and plant dormancy limits plants growth speed in cooler climates as they have to build reserves for weather volatility and store energy in the roots. No such consideration must be present in a freeze free climate zone. All plants in this zone are evergreen in this climate and almost none would survive a prolonged hard freeze.

With the near unlimited plant choices of South Florida the opportunity is open to unique designs and choices. Often the property line is populated with a thick brush and the inner landscape is with beautiful large palms.

In Chicagoland, Columbus or Indiana we value the open green backyard space and so we often plant a green privacy hedge with Green Giant Arborvitae or Murray Cypress, but we leave the backyard free to be a playground space to throw a frisbee, play badminton or play with our pets.


Florida green privacy for a home in Ft Myers, FL

Florida green privacy for a home in Ft Myers, FL

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