Fast Growing Evergreen Spacing forPrivacy Hedge

Sweetbay Magnolia for Privacy

Sweetbay Magnolia makes a beautiful privacy hedge. It is a very popular Southern choice, except it is cold and hardy enough for Chicago. The visual presence of the Sweetbay Magnolia does have a tropical association.

We at Victory Gardens specialize in fast growing privacy evergreen trees, mostly Arborvitae, Cypresses, Cedars and Pines. Mostly fast growing evergreen trees. These trees satisfy property owners' demand for privacy, to eliminate the visual access from the outside into their property. Or, alternatively, at times the interest is to prevent visibility into an undesirable neighbor's property.

 Apart from the typical privacy tree choices there are other good options which are less common. Case in point, the Magnolias make an excellent privacy tree, even if it is not fast growing. Still, it can expand up to about 24” in a year. At their terminal height, the shrub or tree will be 15-30’ tall and almost just as wide.

The Sweetbay Magnolia is not an evergreen variety, although it loses the leaves only for a brief period in the Winter.

It has a potent and pleasant smelling flower, almost similar to Lilac or Lavender in its uniqueness.

Sweet Bay Magnolias are ready to ship from our farm, Dry Ridge KY, 05302024


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