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Transplant Shock: Green Giant Arborvitae and Murray Cypress

All plants will experience some transplant shock, but potted plants will do so much less than trees dug up and sold/delivered in B&B.

In the case of potted plants the shock is the transfer of the trees from the ideal nursery conditions to their new location which may be less ideal.

Symptoms of transplant shock may include: Wilting, Yellowing, Leaf Loss, Slow Growth, Root Damage, Branch Dieback.

Most important step to avoid transplant shock: plenty of steady watering (especially at night)  and avoid fertilizers for a few months.

Keep an eye on new growth at the plant tips. New growth is the not yet woody growth and it is a sure sign of an expanding root system. Often it takes trees about six months to establish after transplanting and show new growth.

New growth of the main lead of a Murray Cypress

New growth of the main lead of a Murray Cypress

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