Fast Growing Evergreen Spacing forPrivacy Hedge

Can Arborvitae Tolerate Grown in Shade?

The short answer is yes.

The long answer takes us to consider another question: do plants tolerate a less than optimal environment? Of course they do, but they will not grow with optimal speed.

Green Giant Arborvitae may grow at a speed of 4’ a year under optimal conditions. However, in a less than optimal light environment their growth rate may be 2’ a year. In near full shade they will also survive, but their growth will slow to a few inches a year.

Consider the pictures of the Green Giant Arborvitae Thujas below from Lexington, KY near Keeneland. They are almost in full shade, probably around 12 feet tall x 4 feet wide. Based on their structure they look like older trees relative to their size, yet they fulfill the owner’s desire for privacy.

 Of course, there are trees which do well in shade, but they tend to be even slower growers, such as the Canadian Hemlock. Also, their eventual large size makes them an imperfect fit for most suburban backyards.

Thuja Green Giant thuja Green Giant Arbovitae