Fast Growing Evergreen Spacing forPrivacy Hedge

How to Tell Murray Cypress and Leyland Cypress Apart?

The Murray and the Leyland Cypress are both fast growers, so they are ideal for those who want fast privacy. A 2-3 feet tree planted in the Spring will give meaningful privacy by next Spring.


The differences:

Foliage Color:

Murray Cypress: The foliage of Murray Cypress is  green and has a slightly bluish tinge.

Leyland Cypress: Leyland Cypress has a green to light green foliage.

Leaf Scale Arrangement:

Murray Cypress: The leaves of Murray Cypress are arranged in flattened sprays, with overlapping scales on opposite sides of the stem.

Leyland Cypress: Leyland Cypress also has leaves arranged in flattened sprays, but the scales are arranged in alternating pairs along the stem.


Leaf Shape:

Murray Cypress: The leaves of Murray Cypress are more flat and wide.

Leyland Cypress: The leaves of Leyland Cypress are more pointy.


Murray Cypress leaves

Murray Cypress leaves


Leyland Cypress Leaves

Leyland Cypress Leaves


Growth Rate:

Murray Cypress: Murray Cypress has a faster growth rate in height compared to Leyland Cypress. It tends to grow more compact and narrower.

Leyland Cypress: Leyland Cypress is known for its rapid growth in width, making it a popular choice for quick privacy screens or windbreaks.

Cold Tolerance:

Both tolerate up to USDA Zone 6, but at times we receive pictures of mature Cyress from Michigan.

Shape and Size:

Murray Cypress: Murray Cypress typically has a more columnar or narrowly pyramidal shape.

Leyland Cypress: Leyland Cypress has a broadly conical to pyramidal shape and can grow to be larger overall.