Fast Growing Evergreen Spacing forPrivacy Hedge

Creating Privacy with Deciduous (Non Evergreen) Shrubs & Trees

Some unconventional shrubs for privacy:

  • Dapple Willow. Fastest growing bush, loves water, very pretty, max 15’ & dense. Can be trained into a small tree.
  • Allegheny Viburnum. Sort of hangs onto the dry leaves, max 15’ & dense.
  • Burning Bush. Pretty in the Fall, can get real thick.
  • Bamboo. Be careful, may not be allowed by HOA. Shade is the only way to stop it. Only for experienced gardeners. But we have seen beautiful islands and landscape solutions. Bamboo is generally evergreen and can get as tall as a medium size tree in a warm climate in year 3 as the crown is more established. It can be the perfect plant in some locations.
  • Ligustrum. Some of them are invasive, USDA Zone 6 or warmer. Can be trained into a tree.
  • Limelight Hydrangea. Can get 10’+ tall in year 3, pretty flowers. Can be trained into a tree.
  • Rose Bushes. Thorny and pretty, may just be a good idea to discourage walkers.
  • Boxwoods. Often pruned to remain a small dense bush.

Although most people select Arborvitae Thujas (Green Giant, American Pillar) or Cypress (Murray, Leylands) for privacy, other solutions may be worth considering as well in some cases.

 Dapple Willow in 3 Gallon pot loading out to be planted.

Dapple Willow in 3 Gallon pot loading out to be planted.

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