Fast Growing Evergreen Spacing forPrivacy Hedge


Do Not Cross Message with Shrubs & Trees

Often a boundary marker is desirable to mark the property line and also to send a do not cross message to people approaching the property from a particular direction.

Yews can be pruned in just about any shape, but regardless of the shape they form a dense shrubbery that would be scratchy to cross and an obvious violation of the property owner’s intent.

Clear messaging of property owner’s intent is important so outsiders and the general public knows what to expect. In the case of a row of Yews in the picture below the intent is to guide the traffic around the lot to the entrance of the property.

Yet, in the case of a commercial property owner a green property marker works much better than a fence as the green landscape is more inviting and less exclusive.

While the Green Giants are the most popular choice for privacy seekers, the Yews work exceptionally well for certain properties.



Yews separating a sidewalk and a luxury car dealer’s inventory


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