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Do you know American Pillar Arborvitae?

It is the only truly fast growing columnar arborvitae option for USDA Zone 6 and colder. It is in very high demand for smaller lots with swimming pools or narrow driveway areas.

 It is far superior to the much older Emerald Green variety as it is deer, insect and disease resistant, near zero die out after transplanting. It grows about 5x faster than the Emeralds, which in part explains its high survival rate: it just grows out of challenging environmental conditions.

American Pillar Arbovitae 7 gallon pot

It is the only arborvitae we observed to grow faster than the very fast growing Green Giant. It loves organic and inorganic fertilizers and heavy watering, but susceptible to root rot if exposed to standing water. Make sure you have a well drained soil if you want to push your American Pillar’s to grow with maximum rate.

It is a good ornamental plant, most all trees will look identical the the next, regardless if it has a single or multi stem lead.

Market popularity is similar to the Green Giants, but propagation is concentrated in much fewer hands. Do not expect to find them on the discount rack at your local Lowe’s or Home Depot. Demand exceeds supply, especially for 5’ and larger trees..