Fast Growing Evergreen Spacing forPrivacy Hedge

Dripline Watering of Newly Planted Privacy Trees

Newly planted privacy trees need to be watered with some frequency, but predictably daily during the first Summer. Steady watering during the first year makes a big difference for a cost of around $100 to set up for a tree line.

The Murray Cypress is the most water loving tree, followed by the Green Giant Arborvitae and the White Pines. White Pines usually survive without watering as long as they are planted in the Spring or the Fall.

A dripline is a thin plastic hose with drip emitters every 12” or similar frequency with the capacity to let through a quarter of a Gallon of water or similar quantity.

The drip line usually does not get buried in the ground, although covering them up with mulch is a good idea.

We prefer to use 15 Mil thickness as it handles well without puncturing or ripping, yet it is lightweight.

Most drip lines were meant to be used for 1-2 seasons as the drip emitters eventually get clogged up or the line ruptures in some place.

It is a good idea to add a timer to a dripline and let it run for about 2-4 hours a day.

A drip line is not able to handle the water from a household faucet, but most all timers will have pressure reducers built into them. If no timer is present, it is important to add a pressure reducer.


24” long drip line with a garden hose coupling on one end a knot tied on the other end


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