Fast Growing Evergreen Spacing forPrivacy Hedge

Weeping Willow for Fast Growing Privacy

While Green Giant Arborvitae, Murray Cypress and White Pines are by far the most popular choices for fast growing privacy trees for the Midwest, there are some other good options.

In wet and erosion prone environments where privacy is needed within a few months to a year, the Weeping Willow may be an optimal choice.

Weeping Willow can grow exceptionally fast in ideal conditions. It can grow about 15’ a year in rich organic ground, wet environment and with plenty of sun.

It is not an evergreen, but it is the first tree to turn green in the Spring and the last to drop leaves in the Fall. While it loses its leaves in the Winter, its substantial crown still provides privacy.

The mature size of the tree is around 40’x40’, so it is ideal for providing low lying grounds with privacy.

While Weeping Willows can provide fast privacy over large spaces, they also have several drawbacks. They are considered messy as they shed smaller branches throughout the year. They also should not be planted within 50’ of utilities and foundations as their roots are invasive.



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