Fast Growing Evergreen Spacing forPrivacy Hedge

Fastest Privacy Shrub: Dappled Willow

Dappled Willow (Hakuro Nishiki) is a deciduous shrub, the fastest growing shrub we know of. If plenty of water is available, it will grow from a small plant into a bushy 10’ bush. This abundant growth makes it ideal for privacy, preventing erosion and water logged areas.

It has a beautiful foliage, the first one to bring leaves in March and the last one to drop leaves in the Fall.

The limitation of this shrub is that the roots are invasive, so it should not be planted near septic tanks, cisterns or swimming pools.

While the Green Giant Arborvitae is ideal for about 80% of our privacy seeking customers, in some cases there are other good choices. Dappled Willow is best value for the money if invasive roots are not a problem.


Dappled Willow in 15 Gallon Pots


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