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Growth Rate Comparison: Weeping Willow Tree v Dappled Willow Bush

After writing about Flood Zoned Land Mitigation Strategy with Trees and Shrubs I decided to take some pictures to verify if the Dappled Willow really does grow about 3x faster than the Weeping Willow. As of April 12, 2024 in Dry Ridge, KY my observation holds true.

The maximum new shoot length for Dappled Willow is 6” and for the Weeping Willow is 2”. This faster rate of growth holds true for the roots of the Dappled WIllow as well. As a matter of fact, we have a hard time to maintain the Dappled Willow in a container as it will outgrow the 15 Gallon containers within one season and the 30 Gallon container is complicated for distribution.

The Dappled Willow doesn’t even need to be planted into the soil as long as there is plenty of water present. It can just be pulled out of the container and placed on top of the ground and the plant will send roots into the ground to absorb water.

We grow both Dappled and Weeping Willows in standing water and they love it.

For any flood zoned land we highly recommend both of these plants to absorb excess water, shore up the embankment and create privacy from curious neighbors.


Weeping Willow new growth, 4/12/2024, Dry Ridge KY


Dappled Willow new growth, 4/12/2024, Dry Ridge Ky

Dappled Willows sitting in a flooded part of the nursery, preventing root rot in the Arborvitae by absorbing excess water, Dry Ridge KY 4/12/2024

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