Fast Growing Evergreen Spacing forPrivacy Hedge


Growth Rate Comparison: Murray v Leyland Cypress v Green Giant Arborvitae

 All the most popular privacy trees grow with a very similar speed of around 3-4’ a year under ideal conditions, although the timing of the new growth showing is different.

 The Cypress will show most of the new growth in early Spring and will continue to grow until mid Fall. Both Murray and Leyland Cypress showed nearly 12” of new growth on 4/14/2024 around Lexington.

The Green Giant Arborvitae is slower to show new growth in the early Spring, but shows more growth in the Late Spring and early Fall. It showed under 1” of new growth on 4/14/2024 around Dry Ridge, KY.

 For most of Kentucky all three privacy options are good, although the Murray is becoming the more favored in the Cypress family and the Green Giant continues to be the most favored in the Arborvitae family.


Murray Cypress showing 12” plus new growth on 4/14/2024, Lexington KY

Leyland Cypress showing just under 12” of new growth, 04/14/2024, Lexington KY


Green Giant Arborvitae just starting to show new growth (>1”), Dry Ridge, KY 40509


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