Fast Growing Evergreen Spacing forPrivacy Hedge

Minimum Distance to Driveway or Sidewalk: Planting a Row of Thuja for Privacy

Often the room available to create much needed privacy is very little. Consider the picture below where only 4’ of space is present between a driveway and a public golf cart path. Without privacy trees the entire length of the driveway and garage size of the house and front yard would be exposed to the public.

Columnar growing Thujas such as the American Pillar works best in these cases. Their medium size predicts that their roots are unlikely to damage the driveway and also there is no evidence of the concrete lifting near this row of mature trees.

As it is evident from the pictures the trees do not extend past the 4’ width and do not encroach into the public path of the private driveway.

American Pillar


Planting a Row of Thuja for Privacy


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