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Privacy for Kentucky Horse Farms: Green Giant Thuja

Most businesses alive have an obvious capacity to generate profitability in order to exist. Very successful businesses do not just generate profit but also maintain an immaculate image outwards. All appearances will suggest an intentional attention to details.

In stud (horse) farming, image is incredibly important. Owned by obsessive and competitive owners, very expensive horses with carefully managed pedigree receiving care from every imaginable best of breed professionals.

The perimeter of the property, the definition of the boundary is also an important statement.

The Green Giant Thujas in the picture give privacy to a property from a neighboring property which is just an open field. The trees are planted in a staggered row pattern. One row is in front of the other by 3’ and the trees are 12’ apart. They should lock together in 2-3 years and the trees have enough space to reach their full genetic size potential in a few years. This is an unusually low population density, but the farm looks to be several hundred Acres in size, so even with this density there are 100+ trees just in this row.

We often point out in our blog that population density is a good way to control size at least within reason. For plants and animals, space means more resources and therefore larger size.



Privacy for Kentucky Horse Farms: Green Giant Thuja


Privacy for Kentucky Horse Farms: Green Giant Thuja


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