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Negative Impact of Promoting Native Species

Promoting native species of plants is a popular initiative with some gardeners. Within reason we also see a benefit in promoting native species. But we also believe that we can’t afford to be blind to the benefits we are all deriving from non-native species:


  • All life is native on Earth, at least so far
  • All plants were native only to a small region at birth and spread by nature across the Globe overtime by wind, bird, water & humans
  • We obviously benefited from globalization of food stuff (so corn is not just in Southern Mexico and potato is not just in Peru, etc.)
  • Almost all food stuff in stores are genetically engineered to be high yield and long shelf life, breeders introduce huge genetic variation into nature (10,000+?/year)
  • The climate is getting hotter and more volatile, native species are ill prepared to fill in the gap should there be a huge population reduction in any future year (temperature variation of 12/28/2023 of Eastern US)
  • More volatile climate will lead to more volatile pest pressure and native species are unlikely to handle such events well
  • Land and related opportunity cost is going higher, economically not feasible to grow plants with limited desirability and poor economic choices lead to waste of resources



Green Giant Arborvitae Thuja, developed by nurseryman because of their desirable characteristics (fast growth, uniform, pest and deer resistant, etc.) Lexington KY


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