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New Growth: Green Giant Thuja & Murray/Leyland Cypress

Thujas and Cypress show most of their new growth of their foliage in the Spring and in the Fall. During the Summer heat the plants appear to show no foliage growth and of course are mostly dormant during the Winter.

Healthy Thujas and Cypress will put on maybe 65% of their growth in the Fall. If the trees receive proper watering and fertilizing they should put on a weekly new growth of 1”+. The new growth shows with a distinctly lighter green at the tip of the branches as shown in the picture below.

Of course, the Green Giant Thuja and the Murray Cypress will first stretch upward to put on height growth first (and width growth later)  while the Leyland Cypress will stretch horizontally as well.


New Growth: Green Giant Thuja & Murray/Leyland Cypress


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