Fast Growing Evergreen Spacing forPrivacy Hedge

Privacy Evergreen Trees and Shrubs in Mexico

A friend of Victory Gardens sent this photo from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

 Privacy seekers all around the World use evergreens to limit visibility to outsiders and mark a do not cross boundary. In Mexico it is customary to do so even in gated communities and increasingly it is so in the US as well.

Although security in the US in general is much better than in Mexico, property owners still should pay attention to preserving their privacy. Privacy is the best first line of defense from unwanted people or criminals searching for a quick and easy target.

By-the-way, the most common phrase we hear in our work, “I love my neighbor, but I don’t want to have to engage him in small talk every time I am sipping coffee on my deck”!


Privacy Evergreen Trees and Shrubs in Mexico



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