Fast Growing Evergreen Spacing forPrivacy Hedge

Privacy Hedge: Allegheny Viburnum

While 80% of the trees we plant for privacy are the Green Giant Arborvitae, at times we get a request for other plants as well.

The Allegheny Viburnum is a fast and dense growing deciduous shrub which holds onto about 50% of its leaves in the Winter. It is a hardy plant, not easily killed. In the Spring it produces white flowers with a dominant scent.

Usually it is pruned back to about 6 Ft height and provides full privacy April to November. The rest of the year it provides some privacy. But interestingly, even in the Winter it works well for privacy as out eyes are lazy and focus in on the dense shrub and not what is behind.

The plant has no needles or spikes, but it has enough density to discourage anyone from climbing through it.

Because of the hardy nature of this shrub, we recommend it in places where watering after planting is not possible or where a 100% no see through wall is not necessary or desirable.

 Allegheny Viburnum in late February, Paris KY

Allegheny Viburnum in late February, Paris KY


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