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American Redneck Engineering

American farmers and country folks are proud people and for good reason. Surrounded by beautiful farmland, hunting grounds full of wildlife and of course, wonderful family.

Another source of pride is the ingenuity to fix mechanical things. Often motorcycles, RVs, boats, trailers, etc. are customized to showcase the skills of the owner. Professional help is usually limited to brother-in-laws, cousins, friends or other unpaid sources.

The mechanical ingenuity of country people has a long history as distance to the nearest store could take hours. When trying to squeeze 16 hours into 12, solutions have to be found quickly to get a piece of equipment up and running. Also, money is short until harvest.

We at Victory Gardens are nursery people. We know a lot about plants, fairly knowledgeable about pumping water and ponds and somewhat experienced about skid steers and trucks.

We buy vise grip in 3 packs and duct tape in multi packs, give our adult kids welding equipment for Christmas and the kids reciprocate with guns and ammo.

Life goes on in the usual routine until it is time to get the vise grip and duct tape or the kids to weld the gooseneck trailer or the mandatory target practice in the morning to let the World know that we are no low hanging fruit.

Most days end with us covered in sweat, mud, manure, diesel and at times a little blood, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We are proud American Redneck Engineers.

 American Redneck Engineering