Fast Growing Evergreen Spacing forPrivacy Hedge

Privacy Trees for Narrow Spaces: American Pillar Thuja Arborvitae Cedar

Oftentimes there is only a narrow piece of land separating properties. See the photos below. The kitchen window of one property looks directly into the living room and one of the bedrooms of the neighbor. There is only 14’ distance between the homes and so the property line is 7’ from the window.


The property with a kitchen window in the picture below has no use for this side of the property: no gate to the backyard and the space left of the kitchen window is taken up by two central air compressors.  To the right are the trash cans. The air conditioner compressors extend 4’ out.


This type of situation is ideal for American Pillar Thujas which are a columnar shaped Arborvitae. Planting a row 5’ from the house and extending to the trash cans makes sense. It will cover the air conditioners and give the windows privacy without completely blocking out the light.


The view from the kitchen window: the neighbor’s living room and bedroom.


The outside view of the kitchen window and the unused space.


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