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Springtime Pruning of Evergreens

As a rule, evergreens generally do not need to be pruned, but some adjustments may be made to shape the trees’ future growth. Early Spring is ideal for pruning.

For those new to pruning trees it makes sense to make smaller cuts at first and avoid removing any large branches.

First priority of pruning evergreens such as Green Giant Arborvitae or Murray Cypress is removing any dead branches as they will become targets for insects and fungus.

The second priority is to cut off any branches growing in the wrong direction, such as toward a structure or perhaps limit the height of the tree by topping it off.

The third priority typically is to increase the density of the foliage and shearing of the tips of the branches which will make the trees grow fuller. This is how most Christmas trees are managed as most people find high density foliage desirable for hanging ornaments and decorations.

Again, pruning for Arborvitae or Cypress is usually not a must and usually can be held off for another year.


Should we let it grow taller faster or get it to grow more dense?

Should we let it grow taller faster or get it to grow more dense?


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