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Windowsill (inside) Winter Gardening: Testing New Ideas

Winter is still raging hard in the Midwest in late February, but there are still opportunities to work on gardening projects and ideas.

For Victory Gardens this usually involves planning, working on equipment, buying supplies and test plant behavior indoors.

The inside of a windowsill is ideal for placing new cuttings to test the rooting speed and cloning potential of certain plants.

Gardeners can’t help themselves but test new ideas. Each year yields only one growing season and for many that means at best a few dozen seasons to learn from. So we stretch and cheat time by testing growing ideas on a small scale in the Winter.

Interestingly, the very desirable Green Giant Arborvitae has a long list of desirable characteristics, but ease of propagation from cuttings is not one of them. The undesirable Emerald Green Arborvitae has many poor characteristics apart from slow growth, but very easy to propagate from cloning.


Windowsill (inside) Winter Gardening: Testing New Ideas


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