Fast Growing Evergreen Spacing forPrivacy Hedge

Eastern White Pine v Green Giant Thuja, Which One Should I Plant?

The pictures below are of two neighboring properties with privacy trees shielding the road side of the property. On the right side the owner used Green Giant Thuja while the owner on the left side used Eastern White Pines.

It is not visible but behind the trees both properties are also protected by 6’ wooden fencing. The wooden fence is about 20’ from the road. Since the Green Giants are much less thick, there is still about 15’ of space left between the trees and the road and a motorcycle is parked here. The Eastern White Pines take up sort of the whole 20’ space to the road.

They both work well and accomplish a no-see through privacy. The Green Giant Thujas look more neat while the White Pines look more natural and forest-like.

Interesting to note, behind the privacy trees and the fence 5,000+ Square Feet homes on several Acre lots while the other side of the road are run down apartments. At the time of taking these pictures a young man with a substance abuse issue walked out of the apartment and across the road to offer his services in exchange for spare change.




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