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What Fully Grown American Pillars Look Like?

Fully grown American Pillar Thuja Arborvitae Cedar are not common to find pictures of on the web. Pictures of other Thujas are often marked as American Pillar. The variety has been around for a few years, but propagation is concentrated in a few hands and it is typically not an easy variety to find especially for larger sizes


We recommend to all of our customers to plant American Pillar Thuja as it is by far superior to the old fashioned and now inferior Emerald Green Thuja.


As the pictures show, the American Pillars are mostly columnar. Around 4’ Wide x 18’ tall. It is very dense, maybe even more dense than the Green Giant Thuja. The two Thuja species obviously share much genetic heritage. They are both fast growing with 3-4’ a year gain in height, deer and disease resistant, not prone to wind or snow damage and are naturally pretty & ornamental.



American Pillar


American Pillar


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