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Emerald Green Thuja Sensitivity: Chemical Burn Caused by Dog Urine


We encourage all privacy seekers to plant popular modern Thuja varieties especially Green Giants and American Pillar or any of the Cypress varieties.


An old variety with many unfortunate characteristics is the Emerald Green Thuja Arborvitae. They will suffer from a chemical burn even from the slightest of foreign materials touch. One such foreign material is dog urine which will turn the leaves completely black as if they were spray painted. Unfortunately, should a tree receive a ‘popular marking’ it will receive a lot more urine and the tree may lose the lower leaves and branches.


We do grow and sell Emerald Green Thujas, but only when a customer specifically demands it and we will do our utmost to talk them into an American Pillar Thuja. The two Arborvitae are difficult to tell apart, yet the American Pillar is far superior in every way. Including it is not sensitive to dog urine.



Emerald Green at the maturity


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