Fast Growing Evergreen Spacing forPrivacy Hedge


Scots Pine  for Privacy and Property Boundary Marker


Like most gardeners and nursery folks, we do enjoy growing new plants. One such plant a couple of years ago was a few hundred French Pines. As our season turned on and we got busy, we lost the French Pines in an odd part of the nursery and paid no attention to them for over a year.

To our surprise, the Scots Pines did not just survive, but outright flourished. It appears that they are good fit for properties where there is no way to water them regularly as they are most likely to prosper without any attention.

We are excited to see how much they will grow now that we fertilize and water them regularly! From the new growth nods it appears that 18” to 32” annual growth is possible, a somewhat similar growth rate to a White Pine.

The needles are shorter and more wiry than those of the White Pine, but not prickly to the touch.

Land surveying can cost $600 and much more and disagreements with hostile neighbors can cost much more. Planting a few pine trees in the boundary line makes sense as it eliminates future confusion and provides easy to pass on information to future generations.



2-3’ Scots Pines, Dry Ridge, KY


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