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White Pine and Scots Pine Growth Update

 We keep a watchful eye on our Pine trees to observe how much new growth they are showing this time of the year. In the coming days they will show their maximum new growth.

Surprisingly, the Scots Pines are showing much large new growth than we were expecting. Many new shoots are 18” and likely to stretch more.

The White Pines are a little slower to show new growth with many around 12”, although from experience we know it should be close to the Scots Pine.

Our expectation from both of these Pines to put on about 4’ of new growth a year.

The White Pines have been sheared last year, the Scots Pines have not been sheared and we may never share them if they look to have a nice shape. Shearing them makes the Pines more Christmas tree-like which is a look some people prefer. However Unsheared trees tend to get larger and will grow faster.

We had an ideal rainy Spring with rain around 3 times a week since the beginning of April.



Scots Pines, Dry Ridge KY, 04162024


White Pines, Dry Ridge KY, 05162024




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